Fundamentals of Data Analysis

Fundamentals of Data Analysis


This course introduces core concepts and skills in data analysis to those who are absolute beginners in the area. It is accessible for those with no experience of programming, no mathematics since high school, and no experience or training in data analysis.

It combines basic theoretical and practical components, presented in a gentle, accessible way. The focus is on intuition, simple language, pictures, and experience‚ÄĒrather than formulas, mathematical jargon, and rote learning.


2 Days


Students will learn to input, process, and analyse data with a range of analytical and visualisation tools.

The course begins by covering types of data, data acceptance, input, processing, and transformation. It delivers a foundation in basic statistics, taught in an intuitive, accessible way that simplifies the learning experience. The instructor uses practical examples to give students valuable and engaging hands-on experience, providing a context in which theory is immediately relevant.

Risk analysis and probability theory will be taught using an intuitive, language-based approach that students will find familiar. The intuitive concepts presented will then be translated gently to the numeric domain.

Topics further into the course include key data-analysis techniques such as regression, correlation, spatial statistics, and time series. Practical exercises accompany discussion of each topic, building on the gentle, visual framework established in previous components.

A final core component of the course introduces concepts in business intelligence and reporting, including data summarisation, “slice and dice” analysis, and reporting of key performance and risk indicators.

Optional components, which may be presented depending on class interest and time available, include:

  • how to easily create spectacular interactive animations
  • social network visualisation and analysis
  • geospatial mapping
  • advanced time series forecasting and visualisation

Participants will use Microsoft Excel and the world’s most commonly used data analytics tool, R, which is readily available for free download and installation.


This is a course for absolute beginners. There are no prerequisites. Windows PCs running Excel and R with practical examples from all core components will be provided to attendees.

Additional Notes

The course will be led by Dr Eugene Dubossarsky. Eugene is a recognised leader in the data analytics industry with 17 years of commercial experience. He is a director of Presciient, an analytics advisory firm specialising in training, mentoring, and analytics capability development. He is the the principal founder of Analyst First, an international organisation dedicated to promoting effective, valuable analytics practice for business and government. He is also a founder of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) and Director, University of New South Wales School of Mathematics and Statistics Industry Advisory Board.

Eugene is a frequently invited chair and keynote speaker at Business Analytics and Big Data conferences and appears in print and TV. He has worked on many applications of analytics in security, fraud detection and audit for Australian State and Federal government, as well as in the Australian and US Insurance industries. His roles in these assignments have included expert data analysis and training, as well as executive advisory and coaching and capability development. Eugene is also the founder and head of the Sydney Users of R Forum, a group with over 500 members, as well as a leader and sponsor of the Melbourne and Canberra R user groups.

Contexti & Dr Dubossarsky reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient bookings and will notify and refund attendees in such cases.


  • Working with numbers
  • Time series and forecasting
  • Data basics
    • Input a dataset
    • Data preparation
    • Summaries
  • Measuring risk
  • Reporting: Metrics and KPIs
  • Making the numbers come alive: Animation

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They Took This Instructor Led Training

    The Introduction to R course provided clear and logical assistance to getting up and running with R. More than that, the real value was in providing guidance on the myriad of online resources and introducing me to a network of passionate and helpful R users. Eugene is a knowledgeable and approachable teacher. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the course. I feel that I am now fully on the road to applying R and using data to improve efficiency across my organisation.

    —James Orton, Data and IT Manager, UNICEF Australia

    Thank you Eugene for advancing my R skills. I especially appreciate the time spent explaining the fundamentals of data manipulation — i.e. the code one needs to know before running any basic or sophisticated analysis. The pace of the workshop was perfect.

    —Dr Chelsea Wise, Lecturer, Marketing, UTS Business School